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FLAMIX.SOFTWARE is a IT-production studio, which specializes exclusively in Front-end and Back-end development. We do not undertake everything, but we do what we can do best! Absolute involvement and quality are our main principles.


We have been working since 2009. We started with two people: a designer and a programmer. We worked under the brands xMarkup and TEIL , in 2016 we did a rebranding and now we are called FLAMIX.


Today, the company employs almost 20 people who are divided into 4 teams. Everyone is a master of his craft.
There are open jobs.


There is a representation
in New York (USA) and Ukraine (Lviv).
Head office 79000, Ukriana, city of Lviv, str. Turgenev, 73/4-B
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For comparison, let's take Junior Developer, dollars per hour of development

10 $
20 $
30 $
40 $
50 $

The Cost of IT Outsourcing

Everything depends on the form of attracting third-party specialists and the complexity of the tasks. As you can see, regular maintenance will be cheaper than the cost of work on a large-scale project. Below are the various forms of IT outsourcing:

Project Outsourcing

The customer provides a certain project for development. In this case, we discuss the timeline, eligibility criteria and responsible persons. On the part of FLAMIX, a full-fledged development team takes on responsibility for all tasks. Including a tester, a project manager and programmers with relevant knowledge. We take charge of the project and the final result.


Allocation of individual human resources to solve specific tasks within the customer's team. For example, one IT company attracts necessary specialists or the entire development team from another firm to speed up the delivery of the project. At the same time, the responsibility and risks of setting up assignments lie with the customer's employees.

We appreciate your time, so we chose only one best job for each type of site. If you want to see more works, we will be happy to send them to you by post.

30 days warranty service

Even after the delivery of the project, within 30 calendar days, we will provide free of charge all the customer's comments and correct the results of our work. The project is always under control!

Web-studios, SEO-companies and agencies
We perform the function of the development department, but you do not have any staff in the state, we do not include extra costs in the cost of services, we control the time and perform the work on time
and design agencies
Accept layouts and return websites. You can cooperate with us or send a client to us, while earning your commission.
Owners of business, are interested in its development
We help companies and people who represent their interests in the development of web solutions for business. We will consult, help you decide on technology, make a website.
  • Kaspersky
  • Porshe
  • Metro
  • Pushe
  • ABBBy
Vladimir Kim
Vladimir Kim
Fe Tech
The work is performed at a high professional level and have positive responses, both among professionals and among ordinary users. The site is conveniently structured, has intuitive navigation and significant functional capabilities.
С м о т р е т ь
Е.V. Osipov
Е.V. Osipov
We would like to thank FLAMIX for developing our corporate website as a part of our company’s rebranding strategy. We would like to highlight the professionalism of the employees at each stage of project implementation: starting with gathering requirements and mapping the structure of chapters/ blogs of future website and ending with delivering a ready-made website that can fulfill the tasks assigned to it to promote the company on the market.
С м о т р е т ь
Oleg Klishch
Oleg Klishch
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the developers of the website MALACAT.COM. Thank you very much for the rapid work, our fruitful cooperation and your punctuality. Thanks to you, our company is currently expanding  its customer base. We wish you growth and prosperity. We look forward to further cooperation with FLAMIX!
Efimenko Aleksandr
Efimenko Aleksandr
The advertising agency ЕВА has been working with FLAMIX over a year. This cooperation proves that FLAMIX is a reliable partner and can deliver a project of various complexity successfully. The FLAMIX team of specialists are result-oriented. We are happy to recommend this company to our partners and colleagues.
С м о т р е т ь
Pavel Potseluev
Pavel Potseluev
We entrusted FLAMIX with the development of our website in October 2015. They worked on implementing additional modules and enhancing the website’s functionality for better user experience. We appreciate their excellent and quick mode of work which continues uptil now and the overall quality of the implemented tasks. There is no single task that FLAMIX can not accomplish.
Aleksey Bobrov, SEO
Aleksey Bobrov, SEO
I have been working with programmers for more than a year and a half. I have a vast experience of working with freelancers. I want to express gratitude to these guys! My website is up and running without a hitch. This team works perfectly and in concert, taking into consideration your remarks and monitoring everything in their system. My special thanks go to Michail, who is an experienced manager. I plan to develop more websites with FLAMIX. I wish prosperity to your business!
Do you want a 100% guarantee when working with us? Two ways to fully control the performance of work and "keep a hand on the pulse" of all processes.

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